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William Bramley - The Gods of Eden

Chapter 5 - Brotherhood of the Snake

OF ALL THE animals revered in ancient human societies,
none were as prominent or as important as the snake. The
snake was the logo of a group which had become very
influential in early human societies of both Hemispheres.
That group was a disciplined Brotherhood dedicated to the
dissemination of spiritual knowledge and the attainment
of spiritual freedom. This Brotherhood of the Snake (also
known as the "Brotherhood of the Serpent," but which I
will often refer to as simply the "Brotherhood") opposed the
enslavement of spiritual beings and, according to Egyptian
writings, it sought to liberale the human race from Custodial

*Because Brotherhood teachings included physical healing through
spiritual means, the snake also came to symbolize physical healing.
Today the snake is featured an the logo of the American Medical

The Brotherhood also imparted scientific knowledge
and encouraged the high aesthetics that existed in many
ancient societies. For these and other reasons, the snake had
become a venerated symbol to humans and, according to
Egyptian and biblical texts, an object of Custodial hatred.

When we look to discover who founded the Brother-
hood, Mesopotamian texts point right back to that rebellious
"god," Printe Ea. Ancient Mesopotamian tablets relate that
Ea and his father, Anu, possessed profound ethical and
spiritual knowledge. This was the same knowledge that
was later symbolized as trees in the Biblical Adam and
Eve story. In fact, the Biblical tree symbol came from
pre-Biblical Mesopotamian works, such as one showing
a snake wrapped around the trunk of a tree, identical to
later portrayals of the snake in Eden. From the tree in the
Mesopotamian depiction hang two pieces of fruit. To the
right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left
is the planet symbol of Anu. The drawing indicates that Ea
and Anu were associated with the snake and its teachings.
This connection is affirmed by other Mesopotamian texts
which describe Anu's palace in the "heavens" as being
guarded by a god of the Tree of Truth and a god of the
Tree of Life. In one instance, Ea reportedly sent a human
to be educated in that very knowledge:

Adapa [the narre of an early man], thou art going
before Anu, the King;

The road to Heaven thou wilt take.

When to Heaven thou has ascended, and hast ap-
proached the gate of Anu, the "Bearer of Life" and
the "Grower of Truth" at the gate of Anu will be

We therefore find Ea designated as the reputed culprit who
tried to teach early man (Adam) the way to spiritual freedom.
This suggests that Ea intended his creation, Homo sapiens, to
be suited for Earth labor, but at some point he changed his
mind about using spiritual enslavement as a means. lf Ea
was a true historical personality as the Sumerians claimed,
then he was the probable leader of the Brotherhood at its
founding an Earth. The Brotherhood may have adopted the
snake as its logo because Ea's firnt home an Earth was said
to have been constructed by a serpent-infested swampland
which Ea called Snake Marsh. Another possible explanation
for the snake logo is offered by Mr. Sitchin who says that
the biblical word for "snake" is nahash, which comes from
the root word NHSH, meaning "to decipher, to find out."

Despite all of their reported good intentions, the legendary
Ea and early Brotherhood clearly failed to free the human
race. Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts
relate that the "snake" was quickly defeated by other Cus-
todial factions. The Bible informs us that the serpent in
the Garden of Eden was overcome before it was able to
complete its mission and give Adam and Eve the "fruit"

f from the second "tree." Ea (who was also symbolized as a
snake) was banished to Earth and was extensively villainized
by his opponents to ensure that he Gould never again secure

a widespread following among human beings. Ea's title was
changed from "Printe of Earth" to "Printe of Darkness."
He was labeled other horrible epithets: Satan, the Devil,
Evil Incarnate, Monarch of Hell, Lord of Vermin, Printe
of Liars, and more. He was portrayed as the mortal enemy
of a Supreme Being and as the keeper of Hell. People were
taught that his only intentions were to spiritually enslave
everyone and that everything bad an Earth was caused
by him. Humans were encouraged to detect him in all of
his future lives ("incarnations") and to destroy him and
his creations whenever he was discovered. All beliefs and
practices named after his various appellations ("Satanism,"
"Devil Worship," etc.) were to be made so horrific and
degrading that no right-thinking person would (or should)
have anything to do with them. He and his followers were
to be viewed by human beings with nothing but the utmost

This is not to say that Ea was actually portrayed by
ancient Sumerians as a saint. He was not. He was described
in Mesopotamian texts with distinct character flaws. lf Ea
was a real person, then he appears to have been a genius
who Gould get things done, but who was often careless
about anticipating the consequences of how he went about
accomplishing his goals. By engineering a work race (Homo
sapiens), Ea wound up giving his enemies a powerful tool
of spiritual repression. Ea then appears to have compounded
the blunder by founding and/or empowering the early Snake
Brotherhood which, after its reported defeat, continued to
remain a powerful force in human affairs, but under the
domination of the very Custodial factions that Ea and the
original Brotherhood were said to have opposed. History
indicates that the Brotherhood was tumed under its new Cus-
todial "gods" into a chilling weapon of spiritual repression
and betrayal, despite the efforts of many sincere humanitar-
ians to bring about true spiritual reform through Brotherhood
channels all the way up until today. By reportedly creating
a work race and the Brotherhood of the Snake, the "god"
Ea had helped build a trap for billions of spiritual beings
an Earth.

As we shall now begin to carefully document, the Brother-
hood of the Snake has been the world's most effective tool
for preserving mankind's status as a spiritually ignorant
creature of toil throughout all of history. During all of that
time, and continuing today, the Brotherhood and its network
of organizations have remained intimately tied to the UFO
phenomenon. This corruption of the Brotherhood, and the
overwhelming effect it would have an human society, was
already apparent by the year 2000 B.C. in ancient Egypt-
the next stop an our journey.